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Handmade Bunny in a dress (collection 3)

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Handmade Bunny in a dress

Velvety Soft Stuffed Bunnies for KidsIndulge in enchantment with this darling plush bunny, an extraordinary treasure for collectors of art dolls and precious keepsakes. Expertly fashioned from the gentlest plush cloth, every stitch is meticulously handcrafted, including its delicate dress. Immerse yourself in the beautiful visage, where this toy's face is brought to life with premium-class cotton, lovingly painted by hand using specialized textile paints from the esteemed ateliers of Germany. Each stroke of the brush reveals the artistry infused within, making it a true masterpiece. Filled with premium-class polyester, this exceptional toy remains impervious to moisture and repels the accumulation of dust mites, allowing for frequent cleansing.

Discover our delightful collection, brimming with a captivating array of soft, cuddly bunnies. Each one gracefully dons an enchanting hat, lending an extra touch of whimsical charm to their presence. Crafted with utmost affection and an unwavering eye for detail, these rare and irreplaceable bunnies are not only cherished companions but also cherished gifts, capable of evoking endless delight.


Body - velour, based on a cotton
Arms and legs - cotton
Face - jersey. The face is painted by hand with textile paint
Fller - premium-class polyester
Dress - cotton.

Care instruction:
The clothes can be removed.
The toy and clothes can be hand washed at 30°C (86°F)

Packaging: handmade box.

Weight: 30 g
Size: 17cm x 12cm x 5cm
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