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Bunny Monster handmade Stuffed toy

Captivating Handcrafted Creepy Bunnies: Whimsical Charms for Your Home. Prepare to be enchanted by these adorable handmade creepy bunnies that possess a unique allure for home decor, collecting, and play. Each fluffy bunny transcends the ordinary, transforming into a cherished talisman that will infuse your dwelling with warmth while becoming a steadfast companion that radiates joy and happiness.
These bewitching creatures hold the power to captivate hearts, their endearing presence imbuing your surroundings with a touch of magic. Adorn your living space with these delightful creations and witness how they effortlessly evoke smiles and spread an air of enchantment.
Let these extraordinary handcrafted creepy bunnies weave their spell and bring an abundance of joy to your home. With their unique appeal, they will become cherished keepsakes and treasured friends, forever brightening your living space with their undeniable charisma.


This toy depicts a grey rabbit with a white tummy.
Its paws and head are movable thanks to a special joint with buttons.
While it can only stand with the additional support, it sits very steadily.
The toy does not contain any metal framework and is weighted with highly purified coarse quartz sand.
It is suitable for playtime as a Bunny toy.

Care instruction:
The clothes can be removed.
The toy and clothes can be hand washed at 30°C (86°F)

Weight: 200 g
Size: 26cm x 13cm x 9cm
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