Rag doll Tina (collection 1)

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Handmade rag doll Tina

Step into the enchanting world of the exquisite handmade textile doll, a gift that transcends every occasion with its timeless charm. It emerges as the quintessential Birthday surprise, captivating the hearts of mothers, daughters, sisters, and dear friends. This versatile creation serves as both a cherished doll for girls and a captivating embellishment for stylish interior settings. Prepare to be mesmerized by its impeccable craftsmanship, where each detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring unrivaled perfection. The handmade doll stands as a testament to originality, meticulously crafted according to the artist's distinctive pattern, resulting in an extraordinary and exclusive masterpiece. Fashioned from the finest, high-quality natural hypoallergenic materials, and filled with a premium-class filler that resists moisture and deters dust mites, this doll exudes not only beauty but also purity and durability. Every stitch and contour bears witness to the devotion and meticulous attention poured into its creation, elevating these one-of-a-kind toys to the realm of cherished companions and enchanting gifts. With unwavering love, they are brought to life, embodying the essence of true artistry and delighting the hearts of those who behold them.

Body - linen
Hair - linen jute cord
Pants - batiste
Dress - batiste, cotton, cotton lace
The filler is premium-class polyester
The face is cotton, tinted with dyes for textiles
Eyes - sewn half beads

Care instructions:
The toy and clothes can be washed at 30°C (86°F)

Packaging: handmade box.

Weight: 250 g
Size: 38cm x 11cm x 12cm
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