• Toy for a newborn Cat

Toy for a newborn Cat

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Black and white Cat toy for a newborn

Enchanting Handcrafted Tooth Fairy Toy with Purse: A Magical Gift for Your Little Ones

Behold the wonder of our meticulously hand-made tooth fairy toy with a delightful purse - a gift that will captivate your children's hearts. This tenderly crafted tooth fairy toy is exquisitely soft, and designed to be the perfect size for both playtime adventures and comforting cuddles during slumber.

Imbued with a gentle spirit, our toy radiates an aura of warmth, inviting your child into a world of enchantment. Its endearing charm and heavenly softness are bound to weave dreams as sweet as honey. Beyond mere play, this cherished companion becomes a steadfast friend, offering solace during moments of stress or change - be it a long-distance journey, adapting to kindergarten, or moving to a new abode.

Filled with the finest-grade polyester, this toy possesses a remarkable trait: it resists moisture absorption and remains free from dust mites. Reassuringly washable, it ensures pristine cleanliness and promises enduring joy for your child.

Explore our extraordinary collection, where a delightful menagerie of soft and cuddly animals awaits. Each creature dons an exquisite scarf, a whimsical accessory that adds an enchanting touch to their charismatic personalities. Every toy within this cherished ensemble is lovingly handcrafted, bearing witness to the devotion and meticulous attention poured into their creation. They are not just toys but companions who inspire wonder, making them the most delightful gifts imaginable.

Indulge your child in the realm of magic with our handcrafted masterpiece - a treasure that intertwines playfulness, comfort, and imagination. These one-of-a-kind wonders shall forever hold a place in your child's heart, kindling joy with every precious moment spent together.


Body, arms, and legs - velour, based on a cotton

Fller - premium-class polyester

Scarf - cotton

Care instruction:

The clothes can be removed.

The toy and clothes can be hand washed at 30°C (86°F)

Packaging: handmade box.

Weight: 40 g
Size: 27cm x 12cm x 5cm
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